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MAG-I-CAL Plus Natural Soil Food – Loosening Hard Soil / Adjust Soil PH

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Product is for Loosening Hard Soil / Adjust Soil PH

  • Fertilizer analysis: 10-0-1
  • 100% organic, complex lawn fertilizer
  • Packed with excellent turf nutrients that gently feeds for 8 – 10 weeks
  • Contains iron for deep greening, great for establishing new seedlings
  • Children and pet friendly – can use immediately after spreading

Jonathan Green’s Organic Lawn Food is a complex, entirely organic lawn fertilizer that promotes the growth of healthy grass. The homogenous, easy-to-spread granules contain food-grade organics such as feather meal, soybean meal, and blood meal. Organic Lawn Food has no undesirable manures or sludge-based fertilizers, unlike many other organic fertilizer products. It can be used on both established and newly seeded or sodded lawns in the spring, summer, or fall.

The organic approach to lawn care requires some patience. The soil microbes need time to break down the fertilizer nutrients so they can be absorbed by the grassroots. However, organic feeding definitely has its perks. For example, due to the absence of fast-release synthetic ingredients, this fertilizer won’t burn the grass, and children and pets may use the lawn immediately after Organic Lawn Food has been applied.

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16 LB Bag – 5000 Square Feet, 54 LB Bag – 15,000 Square Feet


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