2019 Sod Installation and Costs

When looking to hire a professional sod installation group the average cost to sod a yard can range greatly based on the landscaping company, sod choice, and whether buying sod direct. You can buy direct from our sod farm based in Wellington Colorado. We deliver throughout Colorado and Wyoming including Greeley, Aurora, Denver, Ft. Collins, Lakewood, Golden, Loveland, and more.

Sod Delivery Colorado and Wyoming

We are set up to deliver sod throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Korby Sod has been in business since 1980. We believe in delivering top-notch sod for your home or business with our sod delivery services. We offer many varieties of sod including vortex, athletic sports turn, earth-friendly, el salto, black beauty, and xeriscape. Various varieties of sod have been growing to reduce water, allow for full or partial sun and survive in your different landscaping needs. View the following page to see more information about sod varieties and a sod comparison  Call us for details at (970) 568-7633.

Sod Installation Colorado and Wyoming

Working directly with us we also provide sod installation, professional site preparation and sod installation services. With Korby Sod our sod installation crews you can be sure that your sod will be installed with care as if it were our own property.

Get a quote today on your sod needs for both home and residential by calling (970) 568-7633. Your quote for fully installed sod will include the cost of sod, delivery of sod, unloading sod, laying all the sod, sod installation preparation. Click here for a sod installation guide

Sod Pickup Colorado and Wyoming

For those looking to do it yourself sod installation, landscapers, replacement sod or other needs Our sod far is conveniently located in Wellington Wyoming. Additional sod pickup locations will be coming soon. For quotes and ordering sod please click here.

We understand that not all our customers will meet the minimum requirements for delivery. That is why we have convenient pick up facilities in Wellington Colorado to make sure everyone can enjoy our beautiful sod.

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