Contractors & Commercial Sod

With over 40 years of experience growing high quality turfgrass, Korby Sod is dedicated to providing Builders, Contractors and Small Business Landscapers with competitive wholesale pricing and professional delivery and installation services best suited to your needs. 

We have the resources to carry out any job, regardless of size or time constraints. From difficult access, to slopes, or environmentally sensitive areas, we have the knowledge and experience to overcome these challenges. Whether you need one pallet of sod or many, we can make it happen so you can meet your deadline. 

We provide our customers with the quality they expect and the service they deserve. We are experts in our field and it is our goal to partner with you and help you succeed.

Korby Sod Provides the Following Services:


Convenient pick up at either of our two farms or at any of the Arbor Valley Wholesale Nurseries in Colorado and Wyoming. For more information on pick up services:


Quick and on time delivery services to Colorado, Wyoming and more. We own our own fleet of trucks and employ our own drivers. For More information on delivery services:

Sod Installation

Whether you need an install only or a complete tear-out and soil prep, we have the experience, skills and equipment to complete any size project. We will install small 2’ by 5’ rolls or we can install our big 4’ by 100’ rolls. For more information on Installation services:


If you need help with erosion control or needing to seed a large area, Korby Sod can Hydro-seed or Drill-seed the area.

Contractor and Commercial Sod 1
Contractor and Commercial Sod 2

We Service All Residential, Government, Retail and Commercial of Properties!

  • Residential Yards 
  • Golf courses 
  • Schools 
  • Baseball, Football, Soccer and other Athletic Fields 
  • Outdoor pavilions 
  • Apartment Complexes Parks & Recreation Areas Open Space 
  • Streetscapes 
  • Renovation projects And more! 

Commercial sod projects require a special expertise. With two farm locations in Wellington and Greeley, we know turfgrass and how it grows in our region. We are committed to a quality product, excellent customer service, professional and expert installation services. Korby Sod is confident with our sod services. We have worked with hundreds of commercial clients over the past four decades, and that is proof that we know what we’re doing. We cannot say we are perfect all of the time, but we can say we WILL make your project perfect.

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