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About Us

Welcome to Korby Sod!

About Korby Sod

We are a local, family-owned and operated sod company and we pride ourselves on being part of the fabric that makes this region so beautiful. Our sod is not only the best quality and suited to the climate regions in northern Colorado and Wyoming, but we are constantly innovating to develop varieties that use less resources–particularly water–with spectacular results.

The Steve Korby family is closely involved with every aspect of this business, and we take a great deal of pride in customer satisfaction. We are committed to second-to-none quality and the best possible outcome and our warranty is one of the best in the industry. As a result we have partnered for many years with diverse clients such as large municipalities, regional landscape businesses, residential properties big and small, sport fields, and commercial areas and parks–all sizes and in all conditions.

The Buzz

Sod varieties can address soil alkalinity, water scarcity, and create soft surfaces for bare feet and happy pets. Grass is an integral part of the natural and the built environment. It offers visual as well as environmental benefits and is beautiful and calming to the spirit and the eye. Selecting the right grass type, proper soil preparation and installation will result in a green space that is big on value and small on resource input such as water.

The Issues

Water is a serious issue in the West. The media has played a big part in public education about water use, but there is also a lot of misinformation about sod and its benefits. Please visit our page about NEWS and let us help you understand the issues a little better.

The Varieties

There are many varieties of sod that lend themselves to different applications, and we are committed to educating our client so they make a well-informed decision about how and where sod is used. Sod varieties can address soil alkalinity, water scarcity, and sometimes even soothe an anxious pet! Take a tour of our varieties on our Productspage.

The People

Our company has 30 years of success under its belt and that’s because our STAFF is the best. Whether it’s sod or landscaping, there is someone at Korby with many years of experience to help you plan your space or solve your sod issue.

Memberships, affiliations and partnerships

ALCC Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado
TPITurfgrass Producers International
Rocky Mountain Sod Growers Association

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