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5 Steps for Sod Installation

Getting Ready for Sod

5 Steps for Sod Installation


The first step in establishing new sod is to assess the existing site and design a plan for proper planting. Some sites may have existing vegetation, debris, or other items in place that need removal.

It is also important to inspect the perimeter of the site to see if there are obstructions in place that may prevent adequate sunlight, water, or even maintenance equipment from reaching the lawn. If potential obstructions or debris exist, it is best to remove them prior to preparing the soil for sodding.

Next is to take initial measurements of the lawn so that you can estimate the budget, purchase the correct amount of sod, determine what type of tillage or other equipment can access the site, and design irrigation plans if needed. Measure the area you’ll be sodding. Take careful measurements so that you don’t pay for more sod than you need. Order roughly 5 percent extra (over the measured area), so you’ll have enough sod to cut and fit around curves. Click for the TPIGUIDE ON MEASURING FOR TURFGRASS SOD.


If you are replacing an existing l awn or have a hearty overgrown weed problem, you first must remove the old sod or growth. This can be done either by killing the existing vegetation with an herbicide, waiting for the area to die, then rototilling the area. Or you can remove the existing l awn with a sod cutter.

Click for our guide to l earn more about REMOVING OLD SOD/VEGETATION FOR SOD INSTALLATION

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Our Colorado-based sod farm serves more than just the Colorado front range! Our sod services spread into Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas and surrounding ares. We offer sod delivery as well as pick up. The Korby Landscaping team can assist you with lawn design, sod blend selection, installation and maintenance guides.

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