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Professional Sod Installation

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

There are up to three phases to perform a proper sod installation:

  • Removal of Existing Lawn
  • Soil Preparation & Amending the Soil
  • Installation of Sod Rolls

We offer the highest quality, locally-grown sod paired with expert installation for long-lasting, beautiful results. Call us to begin planning and preparing for your new lawn that will enhance your home or property for many years to come.

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Removal of Existing Lawn

If you are replacing an existing lawn or have an overgrown weed problem, you first must remove the old sod or growth. This can be done either by killing the existing vegetation with an herbicide, waiting for the area to die, then rototilling the area.

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Soil Preparation & Amending the Soil

Preparing your soil for your new sod will play an important role in how well and quickly your new sod will take root. Proper soil preparation is an essential step in ensuring long-term success of newly established lawns.

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Installation of Sod Rolls

Whether Korby Sod prepares your site or you prepare your site, Korby Sod will come to your home and professionally roll out the sod. If the site allows, we will use our 48” wide and 100’ long large rolls. This reduces the number of seams and allows for walking on the sod sooner.

We Serve More Than Just Colorado

Our Colorado-based sod farm serves more than just the Colorado front range!
Our sod services spread into Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico and more.

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