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Sod Pickup

Korby Sod offers convenient pick up from the farm on which we are harvesting. You can schedule to pick up your sod from our sod farm or one our convenient sod pick up locations. Please call ahead to arrange sod pick up so we can give you directions to the field we are currently harvesting and make sure someone is ready to load you upon your arrival. 

During the peak season, Korby Sod is open for pick up Monday through Saturday.

Once the sod is cut, it is perishable. You must pick up your sod on the day you request. Sod orders must be paid for in advance by credit card. If you wish to pay with cash, please make arrangements with our office when you order. There are no refunds on sod that is not picked up. When you arrive for pick up, please ensure your vehicle or trailer is able to haul the amount of sod you are picking up.

A sod roll (10 square feet) can weigh 20 to 40 pounds each, depending upon the moisture content.

A full pallet of 50 rolls (500 square feet) can weigh 2,000 to 2500 pounds (1 to ½ tons), depending upon moisture content.

➔ Car/SUV – Usually 5 to 12 rolls, depending upon vehicle. Bring tarps or blankets. The rolls can be messy.
➔ ½ Ton Pick Up – Usually up to 40 rolls.
➔ ¾ Ton Pick Up or larger – Usually 1 pallet
➔ Single Car Haul Trailer – Usually 1 to 3 pallets. Please be sure sure your trailer is able to take the weight of the pallets.

We would be happy to assist in loading your sod. Our workers have years of experience loading and unloading pallets onto vehicles and trailers, yet accidents do happen. Korby Sod will not be responsible for damage. Scratches, dents and other minor mishaps happen with truck beds and trailers. Customers are welcome to hand load.

Texting by phone will be our primary method of communication with our customers after an order is placed. If you cannot receive a text message, please contact our office.

Korby Sod does not charge a pallet fee for local deliveries when paying with a credit card. Korby Sod performs a free pallet pick up every two week (local deliveries only). If we do not receive the pallets back, a $20.00 per pallet fee will be charged to the customers credit card. If Korby Sod has not picked up your pallets, please contact our office.

We Serve More Than Just Colorado

Our Colorado-based sod farm serves more than just the Colorado front range!
Our sod services spread into Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico and more.

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