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Removing Existing Turf

Getting Ready for Sod

Removing Existing Turf

Getting Started

Applying a herbicide to your lawn is a relatively quick method of killing it. Your lawn must be actively growing with live roots. It will take seven to ten days for the grass and vegetation to die.

Applying a nonselective, post-emergent herbicide to your lawn is a relatively quick method of killing it. Pay attention to the types of plants the herbicide will kill and make sure it is appropriate for the job. There are specially formulated herbicides that target grass. You can choose between concentrates that need to be mixed or premixed, ready-to-use varieties. While the premixed varieties are easier to use, the concentrates are more economical for large lawns.

Apply your herbicide according to its directions. Herbicides are basically a kind of poison, so you should be very careful when using it. Follow the directions exactly as described, and make sure it’s administered safely and in the proper quantity. Using too much herbicide could be harmful to surrounding plants. Avoid applying it on windy days. Avoid applying herbicide if there is rain in the forecast. Rain can wash herbicides into the water or surrounding ecosystem and cause damage.

You may need more than one application to kill well-established grass, adding time and cost to the project.

After you kill the grass and/or weeds, you are ready to perform a Soil Preparation.

We Serve More Than Just Colorado

Our Colorado-based sod farm serves more than just the Colorado front range! Our sod services spread into Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico, Texas and surrounding ares. We offer sod delivery as well as pick up. The Korby Landscaping team can assist you with lawn design, sod blend selection, installation and maintenance guides.

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