Steps to Consider With Landscaping and Sod

You have found a dream house that checks all the boxes except one which is the yard. Thinking about putting in a new patio, trees, sod, maybe a fire pit and a walkway through some gardens but how and where to start, how much will it cost, and other questions might come to mind. Here are some tips from local experts to approach the backyard.

Define Your Landscaping Goals

What do you use your backyard for? Do you have kids that like playing on the lawn, pets needing an area for their use? There are many uses that a backyard can serve and having a plan of what those uses are for you and your family is important. For those putting some trees and grass in nearby nurseries can be a great start to look at options. For Sod Korby Sod is a sod farm conveniently located with delivery or pickup in many places throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Call us for details at (970) 568-7633.

Landscape Design

If you find yourself wanting to spend a lot of time in your yard and would like it landscaped with particulars in mind a great option to consider is a landscape designer. When preparing to meet with a landscape designer it is recommended to have goals and what you want from your yard. He/She can then help you decide what trees, plants to put in, how far, and what is best for your soil and what will thrive in your yard as well as how to best layout space for your goals.

Avoid Sticker Shock

A basic landscape design can run around $10 – $15 per square foot. For additional features, you are going to most likely be around $25 to $35 per square foot. Trees can also run $500 – $1,000 for delivery and installation. Working directly with us regarding your sod can save you money with lower prices as you can work directly with the sod farm. We can also help you through understanding the installation process of your sod. With these elements in mind, yards can run anywhere from $5,000 and up.

Once you have your landscape design and goals of your year put together you can also set milestones each year. This will help spread the cost over years of time with still allowing you to have the yard of your dreams without so much upfront expenditure.

Some Options for Getting Started:

Installing trees and lawn is a great start with getting going. If you have questions regarding the sod or are looking for great prices in Colorado or Wyoming give us a call today. (720) 738-7272. Professionals to consider for your yard would most likely fall into the following categories.

Lawn-maintenance company – Maintaining your yard such as pruning, lawn mowing, blowing leaves, etc.

Arborists – has a lot of knowledge about trees, what conditions and what types of trees will grow well in your yard and work well for your landscaping needs.

Landscape designer – A designer can help you create your vision of what you are looking for in a yard. It is recommended to have goals in mind with your backyard and then a landscape designer will come measure and layout your backyard to help you achieve that look you are after.

Landscape architect – These are pros that work on residential and commercial landscaping projects. They require licensing in many states including Colorado whereas a designer does not. Typically landscape architects are used for larger scale projects.

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