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Amended Topsoil – Cubic Yard

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Amended Topsoil blended  with 20-30% class 1 compost. Great all-purpose soil providing a uniform mixture when onsite blending/compost application is not practical. Excellent for pre-sod/seeding and similar applications.


  • Increases Water & Nutrient Rentention
  • Superior Plant Performance
  • Enhanced Turf Response
  • Reduces Run-off & Surface Erosion
  • High in Organic Matter & Soil Microbes
  • Improves Aeration, Porosity, & Drainage


Use any time of the year on any type of soil. Well suited for use in clay soils where it can be applied at twice the normal rate.


Great for backfilling when planting trees and shrubs.


Ideal for leveling yards, new growth seeding and as a subsoil base for new lawn turf installations.

Planting Soil/ Garden Base

Starting base for planting in posts and raised gardens. Amended Plus best choice.

Best Used With

  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Grasses
  • Flowers
  • Gardens


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