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Korby Sod, LLC has been serving Northern Colorado Front Range, Denver, Wyoming, Texas and beyond for almost 30 years. Our company is locally owned and locally based . Our Colorado sod farms and horse hay fields are located in Wellington, Colorado and our office is in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our full service landscaping company, Korby Landscape, LLC is also based in Fort Collins. The Steve Korby family has strong ties to the Wellington and Fort Collins community. The Steve Korby family owns and controls the companies and manages every phase of the business from growing the sod to the installation of our fine products.

Our reputation for quality control is second to none. Our warranty/guarantee is by far one of the best in the industry. Korby Sod, LLC. is a member of ALCC and TPI. Fair prices, reliability and water-wise standards that address current and future environmental concerns are some of the reasons why the city of Fort Collins, Co., school districts, commercial builders and astute homeowners choose our company.

Everyone knows trees and plants and native grass are necessary to the environment. Bluegrass turf is a plant, but because of drought concerns the media has unfairly vilified this special hardy grass. Education is the key. It all starts with the growing and harvesting of the turf. The consumer can then be assured they have received a healthy, strong and appropriate turf. Proper ground preparation and sufficient amendments need to be added to the soil. The sod should be properly installed and carefully maintained thru the rooting-in period. Once established, the lawn needs to be trained to be water wise. If industry care and maintenance are followed long term, you will have a beautiful, economical, healthy, drought tolerant, low water maintenance grass that is suitable for our Colorado and Wyoming weather conditions and geographic area.

Bluegrass verses tall fescue or other water saving grasses. Before anyone talks about water savings turf grass we must first talk about the soil preparation and amendments. Soil preparation and the amendments that are added to the soil is what starts the whole process of saving water. Bluegrass is an excellent turf for the Northern Colorado Front Range area and Wyoming. It has been and still is one of the better bargains per square foot. Water-Wise conservation can be achieved by good watering practices, installing a rain sensor on your irrigation clock and by not over watering in the summer months when we have higher temperatures. Let the bluegrass brown out a little and then when cooler temperatures start in late August the bluegrass will recover quickly for a nice lush lawn all the way to Thanksgiving.

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Korby Colorado Sod Farms offers Soil Testing for Fertilizer Type The Root Systems of Kentucky Bluegrass Turf Sod

Soil testing is a great way of finding out what kind of fertilizer your grass needs.

Root Systems of Bluegrass turf.


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