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Soil PH Tester

  • Easy to use kit determines soil pH in five minutes
  • All that is needed is a soil sample and distilled water
  • Includes pH color chart and full instructions
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Jonathan Green’s easy to use Soil pH Test Kit determines pH levels in just five minutes. The kit includes one test tube, one capsule of powder and one pH range card to indicate the results. It is important to use either distilled water or rainwater when performing this test in order to get accurate pH readings. Tap water has been pH adjusted by municipal water authorities and this will affect the reading.

How to check the soil pH:

    • Take three samples between one half and one inch below the surface of the soil in three different locations of the lawn.
    • Mix all three samples together in a bowl in order to create a representative soil sample to get an accurate reading of the average soil pH.
    • Fill the test tube half-way with the soil mixture.
    • Cut the top from the green capsule and pour the powder on top of the soil.
    • Fill the test tube to the top with distilled water and put the cap back on. Be sure not to use tap water as it is pH adjusted and will provide an improper reading.
    • Shake the test tube vigorously for 30 seconds, then place it on its side next to the pH range chart included in the kit.
    • After five minutes match the color of the water to the corresponding color on the chart to get your soil pH result.

To Raise Soil pH: 

  • pH 3 to 5 – spread 3 bags of Mag-I-Cal® for Lawns in Acidic Soil
  • pH 5 to 6 – spread 2 bags of Mag-I-Cal® for Lawns in Acidic Soil
  • pH 6 to 7 – spread 1 bag of Mag-I-Cal® for Lawns in Acidic Soil

To Lower Soil pH: 

  • pH above 7 – spread Mag-I-Cal® Plus for Lawns in Alkaline & Hard Soil
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