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Black Beauty ® 1 LB – Korby Sod Exclusive

Black Beauty™ Tall Fescue Blend is a finer bladed variety of tall fescue that produces a
darker-green turf naturally. With improved disease resistance and drought tolerance,
Black Beauty redefines what a “green lawn” is supposed to look like!

  • Eco-Friendly & Drought Tolerant
  • Grows well in Clay or Sandy Soils and in full sun or partial shade
  • Invisible Waxy Coating on Leaves Preserves Moisture when Hot
  • Roots up to 4′ Deep & Natural Vibrant Dark Green Color
  • Endophytic, making it Naturally Insect Resistant

Finer Blades than other Fescues Black Beauty’s dark leaves possess an invisible waxy coating, very similar to what you’d find on an apple, which helps to preserve moisture in the leaf and wards off stress from heat, cold, wind, and disease. This blend grows well in clay or sandy soils and in full sun or partial shade and will improve any lawn it is over-seeded into.

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Blend Varieties and Characteristics :
Jonathan Green’s Black Beauty is the most genetically superior grass seed on the market today! Black Beauty has a dark-green color, grows roots up to 4′ deep, possesses a waxy coating on the leaf to preserve moisture when hot, and is grown by leading sod growers across the U.S.A. Its superior varieties will improve even the poorest of lawns. Black Beauty Sod is a finer bladed variety, fescue giving it a wonderful appearance with all the benefits of turf-type tall fescue. Black Beauty is more drought-tolerant and durable than other types of grass. It is also very wear-tolerant and lush, performing well in even high traffic areas and in poor soils of
low pH, where other seeding jobs often fail. Black Beauty Sod is naturally pest repellent and requires less water and fewer nutrients to thrive – making this blend an  environmentally sound choice that lowers your environmental footprint

50% Golconda Tall Fescue
25% Toltec Tall Fescue
25% Tonto Tall Fescue

Turf-type tall fescue is becoming a  popular turfgrass for homes and industrial sites. Turf-types are more coarse than bluegrass, though not as thick as traditional tall fescue commonly used as pasture grasses. The fescue is a bunch type grass, as opposed to the rhizomatic growth of bluegrass. Newer cultivars have even deeper, richer green colors than bluegrass.

Tall fescue is more drought-resistant than many other lawn kinds of grass such as bluegrass or perennial ryegrass due to it’s deep penetrating roots.

Tall fescues are also more disease resistant and wear tolerant, making them ideal for heavy foot traffic areas and athletic fields. Like bluegrass, they are considered a cool-season grass, remaining green for eight to nine months out of the year.

Tall fescues must remain dense to keep blades thin. Proper mowing and fertilizing practices help keep blades thin; overseeding every other year may be necessary to improve the stand.

A coarse-textured medium to dark-green grass. Leaves are rolled in the bud. It has short, rounded auricles, a short membranous ligule, and an extensive root system. Because tall fescue has a bunch-type growth habit rather than a creeping-type, open areas may develop and need to be reseeded.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in


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