Earth Friendly bluegrass combines four unique varieties providing a tough, beautiful and safe turf suitable for both Residential and Commercial applications.

  • Darker Blue-Green color than other bluegrasses
  • Dense Soft Texture is attractive & inviting
  • Great in Full Sun & Partial Shade
  • Cold & Heat Tolerant – ​Perfect for Colorado Weather
  • Dwarf Characteristics Means Less Mowing
  • Durable Surface for High Traffic & Relaxation
  • Faster Recovery & Self-Healing
  • Drought Tolerant & Pest Resistant

Recommended for:

Front & Back Yards, Golf Courses, Parks and other Landscape projects where high traffic use with moderate, superior durability.

Blend Varieties and Characteristics​:

Midnight Bluegrass:

​One of the strongest performing Kentucky Bluegrasses ever developed! For over 20 years Midnight has shone in university and private trials with its beauty and performance. Known for its low, compact spreading growth, moderately aggressive habit and medium-fine blade width. Midnight produces a uniform, dense turf with minimal seed head. A strong disease-tolerant turf that does well in full sun to light shade and shows excellent performance in heat and humidity, throughout all zones of adaptation. Mowing is recommended when it reaches approximately 2″. In the 2003 NTEP Progress report, Midnight rated 8 for Dark Color ​(on a scale of 1-9 with 9 being perfect dark color).

Limousine Bluegrass:

​Long recognized as one of the strongest bluegrasses in terms of density and wear tolerance. Limousine naturally limits weed encroachment and is disease-resistant. This variety germinates quickly, has a lush appearance, a very fine leaf texture, and is low-growing. It demonstrates impressive spring and fall ground coverage, and withstands high traffic wear-and-tear. Limousine shows an early green color, improved winter color and is frost tolerant. It also performs well in cool or humid regions, in shade and summer heat.

Moonlight Bluegrass:

​A one-of-a-kind bluegrass that combines a beautiful dark blue-green color along with ability to perform well in areas of moderate salinity, Moonlight also grows in a wide range of well-drained soils. Moonlight blends very well with other bluegrasses, and has a compact spreading growth habit. It is moderately aggressive. This uniquely colored bluegrass has a medium leaf texture and maintains a balance between beauty, drought tolerance and disease resistance. Blackstone Bluegrass: ​Uniquely colored bluegrass with an excellent, dark blue-green color. One of the strongest characteristics of Blackstone is its highly desirable reduced vertical growth and early spring green-up. In addition to its reduced growth and dark color, it has rated very strongly in the NTEP trials and is especially strong for resistance against leaf and spot disease.

Of note: all 4 varieties above have rated strongly and favorable in the NTEP Progress Reports for Low Maintenance, Traffic Durability and Color.

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